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This Content Comparison of Airsoft vs Paintball. You should choose Airsoft or you should go for Paintball? People who love gaming a lot, often remain in the confusion that they should choose paintball over airsoft or airsoft over paintball. A paintball lover never accepts that Airsoft is better than it so as an airsoft lover. If you ask anyone, he must be in great confusion to answer your question.

There has been always an argument between Airsoft vs paintball. Before you make any decision you should know about those in detail. There are huge differences between these two games. You should better about these two games learn before answering any questions about them.

Clash of Airsoft vs Paintball

Airsoft or paintball game is so much exciting and enjoyable to all. Both of them are great shooting game. The procedure of the game is, you need to shoot your enemy with your gun, if you can heat any of the enemies, he or she will call out of the game and will be removed in that round.

Your opponents have to eliminate you guys by hitting the same way. These are very challenging games but there are far differences between these two. Both of them have different rules, the participants of both of the games have different rules, the weapon of every game is different as well. Also, both of the games come with different costs.

So before we go to any decision, let’s start the discussion between the games. May you will be enlightened after reading this article. So, read on and you will find the result easily.

Airsoft vs paintball

About the Games

The outward view of these two games is quite similar. maybe you won’t find any kind of difference between these two games. Both games are competitive and each of the opponents shoots each other to win the game. But there are real differences between these two games. Let’s talk about them.

In airsoft game, players use firearms that are are replicas of real firearms and images rubber pellets to shoot the target. the bullets of the guns are so small and soft that the opponent does not feel any kind of pain when a bullet hits him. He just walks away when he is hit by the opponent.

Paintball game is a little different than the Airsoft. The difference is, the bullets of the paintball game includes paint. The bullets are made of gelatin and full of the die. They are called die capsule. So when a bullet hits the opponent, it bursts and the opponent is marked easily. So here we find the difference between The Airsoft and the Paipaintball is the visibility of the bullet.

Guns used in these games

The guns that are used in Airsoft look like real firearms. They are the replica of real firearms which has an orange mark in a tip. The tip differentiates the original and the replica. You will find the paintball guns to be bulkier which gives room for the paintballs to be carried in a hopper.

There are different features in the Airsoft guns which is different in the power consumption and the size and looks as well. You will find spring-loaded guns which can be recharged because they carry batteries. Gas and electric powered weapons also can be found which look like the same as the real firearms. There are magazines in the Airsoft guns which are loaded by rubber pellets. This gives a real firearm vibe.

The paintball guns are gas-powered. There is a big hopper in the paintball gun that carries paintballs. The paintballs remain in the barrel. The balance has to stay upright while playing the game resulting prevent spillage.

Both of the guns look similar and you can customise them with different parts that can be easily found on the market. There is a wide variety of tools that are used to be customized in the Airsoft gun than a Paintball gun.

Ammo that is used in these two games.

I have mentioned above that the ammo is far different in these two games. The Airsoft uses rubber pellets as the ammo which remain in the magazine like a real fire. You need to reload your magazine every time after you have finished your bullets. A pallet weighs less than one gram. You cannot spot the ammo easily after hitting your enemy because they are very small in size and less visible. Also never leave any mark in the dress.

A paintball bullet is bigger than the Airsoft. It weighs about 3 grams and leaves a mark because it is full of the die. When a paintball hits an enemy, it bursts because it is made of gelatine and full of dying inside it. So the enemy can be marked easily and has to leave the playground. One can easily see the pain because it is bigger. The visibility of the paintball is more than the Airsoft bullets.

Well, paintball costs for more than Airsoft bullets. If you spend on the $20, you will get about 5,000 pallets. But you will get only 500 pain balls spending the same amount of money.

Roles of the players in the game

There are different roles of the participants in these two games. The rules are strict in the Airsoft game and they are much more defined as well. The weapons that are used in the game also have different purposes as well. Snipers are used in this game for long-range shooting. You can use a pistol for close combat. Grenades are also used in airsoft game for distracting the opponents. The game looks like a real battle between two sides It takes hours to finish a single session of Airsoft game.

This game includes an honesty role for the players. When a player is hit, he automatically walks away from the game. A player who is hit, cannot be marked easily because the pallets don’t leave any many he is a very interesting thing in the game.

Paintball gamers have also different roles which vary with the experience of the participants. It doesn’t take a lot of time to finish a session like the Airsoft. You cannot use a sniper because long-distance shots are not allowed in Paintball game. When you hit any of your enemies in the game, he is easily be marked because of the paintball. It leaves mark on the body of an enemy because of die inside it. It bursts when hitting.

A marshal system is also included in the Paintball game, so you need to follow strict rules in the game. There are medics for the injured players.

Dress of the players

Real soldiers look alike dresses can be found in the Airsoft game. So the is like a real battle. The players wear army dresses, vests, grenade carriers, goggles, hand gear and boots.

The Paintball gamer can choose any dress but the dress should be one which takes blots of colour. A player should wear a face mask to protect his face from the paint while playing the game.

Airsoft or Paintball, Which hurts more?

This is the biggest argument about these two games. All the enthusiastic argue about this matter. It varies from person to person. Everybody cannot take the same amount of pain. The same degree of pain can be taken differently from two different people. One can take a level of pain, on the other hand, the same level of pain hurts more to another guy.
Let’s talk about the level of pain that give both of the game’s bullets.

Does Airsoft hurt more than paintball?

A pallet of airsoft weighs less than one gram. The actual weight of a pallet stays between 0.28-0.30 grams. The traveling rate of a bullet is not more than 400 FPS. If someone hits you from a close distance then it will hurt a little more than hitting from a longer distance. The pain varies with the area that is hit by a bullet.

If it hits your face, neck, or throat, then it will hurt a little. But if it hits your leg, arm, hand chest, or tummy, then it won’t hurt because these areas are covered by your dress. So, the hitting surface decides the level of pain in the airsoft game.
I can say, it will be harder for you to notice if a pallet hits you. The pain is close to zero for sure.

Does Paintball hurt more than Airsoft?

A paintball is about seventeen times heavier than a pallet of Airsoft. It is heavier than Airsoft but slower in speed. The highest speed of a paintball touches 300 FPS. If you are shot from a close distance, it will hurt a little bit.

If it came from a long distance then it won’t hurt you that much. Because they are bigger, they hit a bigger amount of area in your body. So, the level of pain is greater than the Airsoft.

If you are hit by a paintball or a pallet of airsoft, it can hurt. But the level of pain will vary because of distance. It depends on the distance.


Money is the biggest factor when you are buying something or arranging anything. In terms of these two games, every player has to spend some amount of money to buy bullets, weapons, clothes, boots, and other necessary things to play.

If you ask me, what should you go for, then I will suggest you go for Airsoft. Because the guns that are used in this game are a lot cheaper than the Paintball guns. The spring-powered arms are the cheapest and they are also easier to operate. They use rechargeable batteries in those guns, so you don’t need to buy a new one every time.

You won’t find any variety in the paintball guns when you will go to buy them in the market. Also, the prize is more than the Airsoft guns. They are gas-powered guns, so you need to refill them every time.

Also, Paintballs ore than rubber pallets used in Airsoft. You can purchase thousands of pallets when you can buy only a few hundred by spending the same amount of money. The coast is different because they are manufactured differently.

My overall suggestion is to go for the Airsoft rather than going for the Paintball in terms of pricing. But if you find Paintball more interesting, then you must purchase some paintballs and a paintball gun and start gaming with your buddies.


Both of the games are very much interesting and enjoyable. They have a different level of excitement. Though they have different rules, different roles for the players, they have the same amount of fans. Being varied in weapons and ammo, they look the same because of the participation procedures.

The Airsoft is cheaper then the Paintball, Huge amount of ammo can be purchased by spending a few amounts of money, and you can have a variety of weapons and real look-alike army dresses and kits. On the other hand, the Paintballs are more interesting because of the bursting of the colors and the marshal system to oversee the rules. So, each game has different sides to enjoy. Choose any of them according to your likings and tastes.

Hope you enjoyed it and have been enlightened about these two particular games. Stay with us for more like this.

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