Best 9mm Rifle for Hunting-Seeking Weapon

Best 9mm Rifle for Hunting. Hunting is still one of the major sports in the U.S. It is actually in the DNA of an American.
It is very much popular in the suburban and rural areas.
Hunting rifles are not only used for sports but also to procure meat as well.
Spending time with your gun in the wild lives may be the most adventurous thing of someone’s life. Hunting has been the most essential way of living since human beings came to this planet.
It has been nowadays a passion for people who are living aside forest or they see themselves happy while doing so.

Best 9mm Rifle for Hunting

If you are wishing to hunt wild animals with a 9mm Rifle, and searching for the best one for the job, then you’ve come to the right place. Hunting rifles should become a complete package of portability, affordability, and the main thing, firepower.
We are today came with 5 best handguns and 9mm rifle for hunting with their features and pricing also. So, please continue reading this and have a look at them.

9mm Luger

We use 9mm rifles and handguns nowadays but do you know how they came? It was 1901 when it was first introduced. The 9mm Luger was invented then. It was before the great war when the Luger was invented. If you search in the history of rifles, then you will see that the Luger was found as one of the gun calibers that served for the longest time in history. During World War I, the German and the British army who were fighting in Syria, then the Luger round served the militaries for over a hundred years.

9mm Rifle

As the age of the 9mm is increasing, it is becoming more dangerous than before. As we are facing innovations in the ammunition sector, it is performing better and better day by day and gathering more popularity to all.
The 9mm Luger is sufficiently compact and powerful as well. It has found great popularity in the 1980s in the U.S. The NATO members use this as standard handgun caliber.
Recently the U.S. Army has re-adopted the 9mm Luger for its new M17 Modular Handgun System.
For its popularity and handy uses, it will survive for years after years among us. Let’s have a look at the five best 9mm Rifles.


The SIG-P226 has come as a replacement. It was developed originally from the Sig Sauer’s P210 pistol. They developed it as a replacement for a 0.45 ACP 1911A1 long-serving handgun. But it was failed to fulfill their expectations and win the contract as well. The Beretta M9 won it instead of the SIG-P226, which was also picked by the U.S. navy.
After that they re-developed it and it was then accepted by the U.S. police forces who also helped to raise the profile of the gun.

The SIG-P226 is a metal handgun that includes a metal frame and a fifteen round of magazine. It lengths 7.72 inches and the barrel length is 4.11 inches. If the gun is loaded, then it will weigh about 2.28 pounds which is not so heavy at all. It is a double-action pistol. A double-action pistol works automatically after a round is chambered. You just need to pull the trigger and set the firing pin to fire. If it is cocked manually then it also provides a single action mode as well. It has a special feature. You don’t have to pull the trigger to lower the hammer because it is featured by a de-cocking lever to help to lower the hammer.

You can use this for hunting deers, wild birds all other wild animals.


A handgun albeit with shorter barrel and grip, the Glock-G19 was released in 1988. It was produced as one of the first Glock variants. The shorter grip has reduced the capacity of the magazine to fifteen from seventeen rounds. This pistol is easier to conceal because of it’s smaller gripping. It was the best among all Glock models that are produced by the gun developers. This gun has been very much popular so that the U.S. Navy SEALs, The U.S. Army Rangers and many other teams have adopted it.

The Glock-G19 is also a double-action featuring pistol. A single trigger pull will do the rest after a round is chambered. It has a longer trigger pull so it the eliminates the need to cock the hammer before the fire. It has three safeties, which include a drop and firing pin safety and a trigger safety as well. You won’t find any other manual safety in the G-19.

The G-19 can be used while you are on your way to hunt wild lives at your private land or woods as well.

Weatherby Vanguard

Weatherby founded the Weatherby Company in 1945. It became very much popular to all in a very short time. They started producing the Weatherby Vanguard Rifle in the 1960s.
This rifle was more affordable than the Mark V series that was provided by the company earlier. Which was also a high-end and exclusive rifle. Because the Vanguard Rifle was less expensive than the other rifles produces by the company, it became more ingrained and used largely with mainstream hunting in the U.S.

It is more accurate than other rifles produced by them. The action of the rifle is unusual but effective. It is effective because of M16- style claw extractor and a standard Mauser type action. You can get sixteen different calibres. This rifle can be the best choice for you if you are going out for hunting pigs or another wild animal.

Browning BAR

If you heard about the fame of the Browning BAR of WW II, then you will find it interesting that this Browning BAR is made based on the previous one.
The previous one was first introduced in 1918 by John Moses who was a firearms inventor. He invented the BAR. It’s not a semi-automatic rather it is a fully automatic rifle. Firing automatically and is a powerful 0.30-06 cartridge. It was the first automatic rifle at that time. It served the U.S. army for a very long time.

The BAE is a sporting rifle which is modified as a semi-automatic rifle. It feeds from a detachable 3-4 round internal magazine and it is also available for mid-sized games that include .243, .308 and 7mm typical rifle calibres. To take down large game, there is another version available in. 338 Winchester magnum. This version weighs only 8 pounds and 3 ounces.
You can have this particular rifle for hunting and sports both. This will satisfy you with its features.

Ruger American Rifle

In 2011, Ruger came as a medium bolt action rifle of American series. The American rifles are more accurate, lightweight, strong and safe action rifles. You will get cold hammered forged barrels, synthetic stocks that are very much lighter in weight, a bedding block which is found internal in it and free-floated barrel and an adjustable trigger as well. Calibre ranging found on this rifle is from .223 Remington to .30-06 Springfield.

These rifles are very much affordable in pricing. You can get them under $400. Because of its affordable price and features, it is much more desired to the Americans. This can be your shooting partner in your private land. Hunting deer and wild birds would be very much interesting with this rifle if you are American blood. So, I recommend you to go for this particular one.


If you are American blood, then you should go for one of the five handguns and rifles mentioned above. We tried to sort the best 9mm hunting rifles for you. Hope you are helped by this article. Stay tuned with us for more info like this.